Need to make an impression?

At OMG we ensure that it’s a lasting one.  Our online and TV commercials are targeted to your audience, can be produced on a tight budget, and can be used to promote local/regional sales or national and international sales.

Technical experience and creativity

We apply budgets effectively across crew members and resources to ensure we deliver video content that meets your organisational objectives whilst creating highly watchable content.

Tirelessly creative

More videos, no problem.  Creativity is what we do best.  We think outside the box which means our clients come back to us time and time again for additional content to support other aspects of their business.


Rethinking mobile communications

Rethink what a phone is capable of

ONEm contacted us to create a video to launch their new platform that can handle billions of transactions, across 4 datacentres in the UK, USA and Hong Kong bringing digital information in an analogue environment to those who phone operators previously may not have been able to reach.


The Address Experts

Bad news

Recognised as the most technically capable organisation within the addressing market, Hopewiser solutions enable businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate data.  As a previous supplier of an information based animation service to Hopewiser, they asked us to produce 2 high-end viral videos that were attention grabbing and humorous.

Throwback Games


Skroppy, giving kids the run around

The all-action, adrenaline pumping interactive jumping game for 1-4 players.  Time your jumps just right, to beat Skroppy and out jump your friends!


The art of protection

The art of protection

There’s nothing worse than stains on a pair of box fresh shoes. Ask any sneakerhead and they’ll tell you; you can touch, stain, or wipe any piece of clothing you want, but the shoes are off limits. Tiptoe all you want though, accidents happen. So that’s why we created a series of tests for CrepProtect that were distributed across multi-platforms garnering hundreds of thousands of views.


Monkey business

We’re not monkeying around

Toolstation is one of Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies to the trade, home improvers and self-builders. Offering a lot more than tools; a huge 11,000+ stock products in the catalogue we were asked to create a commercial advert that was unique, memorable, and demonstrated the ease of ordering online.


Imagination Technologies

How would you Jongo?

Imagination Technologies contacted us to create a commercial advert showcase their new Jongo multi-room music system that allows you to stream music and radio via your smartphone or tablet in any and every room synchronously.


Headlice Shampoo

Non-greasy, no fuss

It’s every parents nightmare and Lyclear asked us to show how easy and effective their product is for parents to use. Lyclear is Europe’s market leader for the treatment of head lice.