Westminster Property Association – animation

By November 24, 2017Case Study

OMG Media has worked with the Westminster Property Association for many years, providing visually stunning high end creative films that are clear on messaging.

For the 2017 video, WPA provided a broad scope for its content.  It looked beyond Westminster and London, and out to the regions with the overarching message that a strong London means a strong UK. To support this vision of a country working in unity to prosper and grow, we pitched a fully animated video, taking the audience on a journey across the UK.

One of the central messages of this video is how London can be a growth driver for the rest of the UK, and that the way forward is to expand collaboration and enterprise between London and the regional cities. The image this brings to mind for us, is that the UK can be seen as a kind of engine, where the cities are the moving parts.

Our concept for this video is to create a UK version, inspired by, but not plagiarising Game of Thrones, where we fly across the landscape passing over London, Edinburgh, Manchester and more, as we reveal this engine of growth. The landmarks will be recognisably Westminster; recognisably London and the UK. The words and imagery will be combine to create a message of interconnection and ambition.” Neil Garrett, Creative Director at OMG Media


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