What are they?

Viral marketing campaigns are a humorous or unusual way to generate interest around your business through video that engages in the way that entertainment content would.

What’s the idea?

Working around your existing idea, or helping create one entirely for you, we would storyboard, script, film and deliver the short piece for use on social media to help create brand or business awareness.

How do they work

Once created, the video is syndicated across popular social media platforms and boosted through targeted advertising.  Because the viewers are targeted and the content in engaging, brands and businesses usually see a noticeable and positive increase in site visitors and sales enquiries using this form of advertising.

Viral Marketing Series

Viral Adverts / Videos

Why Viral Marketing?

With so much sales articles, videos and general clutter on the internet you need to make sure your brand is pushing out content that is different and centred around your story not necessarily the sale.

At OMG Media, we understand that your potential customers are people first and foremost.  They want to laugh, feel enlightened, surprised or just watch something that’s a bit unique.  Unless they are looking for particular product or service, people in general don’t want to just be sold to.  That’s where our viral marketing videos help.  They can get your company in front of millions of potential customers, at a rate far faster than print media.  Videos don’t “go viral” alone however.  You will need to ensure that you reserve some budget for “seeding” – in other words giving it a push to start it off.  But dont worry, we can advise you on that too.

Example 2: Hopewiser, The address Company

Example 2: Motorcycle Industry