sX35oGzYNJKljllTHPcvVLRF_r9Q_QkF8avC8a-WMdEWhether the subject is technical or emotional, at OMG Media we understand that it’s important to have a video that connects with your audience on a memorable level.

Video plays a huge role in any serious businesses marketing strategy and the primary place for a video to be seen is actually on your own website.  So when we create your video we ensure that we will connect your audience to you on a empathetic basis, through the use of a compelling story, perhaps a little humour or a very straight down the line information based video that is visually stunning.

Our main philosophy is video is about engaging not enraging.  We will get to the point quickly because audiences get bored easily.  But we won’t rush the project either.  We make every single second count.

We can help you with video optimisation, social media promotion including hashtag development and also advise on multi platform options from TV to social platforms.

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Key areas for audience planning:

  • What do you want your video to do for you?  What is its purpose?
  • Who do you want to see your video?
  • What is the videos primary function?  To sell?  To advise?
  • How will the video be accessed?  Online, TV, DVD?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of your video?  Views? Sales? Contacts?

Get in touch today and let’s start the conversation about making your content hit the mark.

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