The Ad Block Problem

By March 29, 2016Our Blog

Ad blocking software is on the rise with some being so successful that they can block around 90% of ads as well as other analytics.  So what can be done to ensure your video commercial advert is seen?  The answer is LEAN “Light, Encrypted, Ad choice that’s Non-invasive”.  It’s a challenge for brands and advertisers but also a great opportunity.

As we all well know, many large corporations such as google and yahoo/bing are heavily reliant on revenue from advertising, and the bigger challenge for them is to ensure that adverts of the highest quality are only allowed on their publishing network that are more targeted to the user. This will create a more willing audience in finding the video adverts more useful.

In addition, there’s also a greater need for more intelligent software used in the deployment of the adverts.  With better encryption to halt the blocking ensuring the higher value targeted advertisements get through, this should in turn ensure that advertisements are made that people will actually enjoy watching!

A further interesting fact is that only a fifth of users install ad blocking on mobile tech – so if you’ll receive a higher penetration for your video advert if it’s targeted and syndicated across mobile.

Here’s some interesting stats:

  • 1 in 5 british adults are using some sort of ad blocking software on mobile & desktop
  • Ad blockers are most popular amongst the 18-24 demographic where nearly half have ad blocking software on their devices
  • More than 50% of people aged 18-24 said they would not use ad blockers if it meant losing access to that content altogether.
  • 70% of people using adblockers are on desktops (only a fifth use it on mobile)