Recruitment Video: Cognifide’s Digital Academy

By September 11, 2017Case Study

Working with Cognifide for 3 years, they contacted us to pitch again for a short, <2min video introducing potential recruits to Cognifide’s Digital Academy. The recruitment video is to be used at graduate fairs and social media.

“There are three ‘strands’ to this video” says Neil Garrett, Producer/Director “Introducing Cognifide – its ethos and culture, introducing the Digital Academy, and not least telling the audience the type of candidate you are looking for.  We wanted to create video that unified all three strands into one compelling story in an exciting way that avoids all the pitfalls that make videos feel corporate and generic”

Neil Garrett continues ” we really wanted to push ‘The Digital Academy Manifesto’, a rallying call for visionary young thinkers with an unrelenting passion to change the world through better digital experiences. The manifesto is a first-person statement of intent, an affirmation of true character, and a kick against conformity and convention.  To reinforce this, the story-teller is a single voice. The script is from a single perspective: ‘I am… I know… I will…’ but the ‘I’ is more than just one person. It is a mindset. It is a culture. And as the video unfolds, we begin to understand that it is also Cognifide, and the Digital Academy.”

Client feedback “I just thought that you’d like to know, after all the hard work that you and the OMG team have put in, the recruitment film has met with a fantastic reaction.  Couldn’t have been better”

Producer/Director: Neil Garrett, OMG Media








Watch the full video here:

Cognifide DXA Final