Promo Film: Telecoms Company

By September 19, 2017Case Study

We were approached by ONEm to produce a short promotional video to start the conversation between ONEm and its potential partners in the mobile telecomms sector.

We wanted to create something unique and different, engineered to strike emotive and dramatic notes to demonstrate the art of the possible and what the ONEm platform means for mobile operators and content creators.  We set the tone as aspirational, inspirational and with a sense of urgency to convey to the audience the idea that this is big, this is happening, you need to be part of it.  We wanted the audience to be excited by the proposition and immediately want to find out more.   As an introductory film, we kept the ‘science’ down to a minimum – opening the door to a new world.

Producer/Director Neil Garrett informed “We wanted to avoid the temptation of trying to cram too much into the video. ONEm is vast.  Trying to tell all risked the video being too long, and creating information overload. So I wanted to ensure we kept the messaging simple, kept the excitement levels up, and let the details come later.

The end result was slick and impactful message that teased the viewer into wanting to find out more. It is a conversation opener, designed to make the audience sit up and take notice.  I especially like that this is a video that can be used online, on the clients website homepage, during presentations and at also expos and conferences. It is an open invitation to all ONEm’s potential partners” 

Watch video 1:

Watch video 2: