How Green Screen Works

By December 28, 2015Our Blog

Green screen is a very cost effective way to do amazing things with video.

How green screen works is actually quite simple. If a video production company films a video with a single coloured background that can then be digitally removed by a computer and replaced with something else. This process is known as chroma keying.

When done well, green screen chroma-keying can give your video an expensive-looking aesthetic without the cost.  This is why it’s popular in films where instead of building a fancy set, you can shoot a film anywhere and replace the background with other imagery which could be stock bought or computer generated.

Most video production companies use specialist chroma key cloth which is stretched out on a frame and is a smooth and even colour.  The next step in the process is to ensure that it’s evenly lit to enable a computer to accurately key out the background and replace it.  This makes it pain free process than carefully tracking a moving object in order to isolate the background.  Specialist software is needed for this.  There are many types of software available from free to use to pro software.  Professional  video production companies will always use pro software to chroma key the video and replace it with a new high quality background.

Here’s some great examples of how it works

Mad Max: Fury Road

Deadly Honeymoon

Iron Man


Game of Thrones



King Arthur

The Homesman


The Monuments Men